if AI is the future then what is the future of humans.

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If AI is fully developed in upcoming time. Then we humans are nothing in comparison to them because they have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed than us. Due to low error rate and accuracy AI will also take place in the medical field which cause low death and high birth rate. If that happens then we know that we don’t have enough supplies to feed all humans in this World which maybe makes AI to think of human extinction for a better future.

What is the Future of AI?

All people have the same question now days that what will be the future of AI. Is it kill us all or help to make the earth better, but we actually don’t know, anything will happens. We can just hope that everything will be good.

We know that AI is the next Generation of humankind and future AI will be more Advance and accurate. They don’t need humans to make him accurate and precise, they will learn through themselves and store the data in their artificial brain. This brain has the same working as humans and animals. Artificial brain learn from their surroundings and also have the capabilities to understand the situations.

In future, Artificial Intelligence become like one of our family member without him we feel that someone have stolen our kidney because in future AI become more than just an assistant. It can understand you, feel you and also solve your love and study matters. It helps you in managing your account and home with remote control features.

what is the future of ai
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Artificial intelligence is developing faster than you think, and speeding up exponentially and already have started working in tech and medical sector and in the future humans can lose their jobs too, because AI is more smart and precise than humans and half the community of AI believes that at the end of 2040 AI will become smarter than humans.

Why AI is the Future for Humankind?

You can understand with the word “Limit”. Every person has their own limit to doing things and humans can’t just work constantly 24 hours. He needs rest and food to run his body. There are super humans who can do things far greater than our imagination, but they can’t maintain, sort and read thousands of lines of data. For them we need a smart system.

Example:- There is one software called “eclipse” in which we can do programming in so many different languages. After writing 1000’s of line code you can’t just read line by line for finding mistakes like missing dot, comma, etc. For that mistakes an debug module is installed in it who can find these types of error in an instant.

Importance of AI for Humankind:-

  1. Artificial intelligence would have a low mistake rate contrasted with people, They would have mind blowing accuracy, precision, and speed.
  2. They won’t be affected by hostile environments, thus able to complete dangerous tasks, explore in space, and endure problems that would injure or kill us.
  3. Organized and manages records.
  4. Robotic radiosurgery, and other types of surgery in the future, can achieve precision that humans can’t.

Why future AI is dangerous for Humankind?

Right now, Robots are in every field but they don’t have brains which causes so many accidents. For that we need a smart system who can control them precisely and AI is the best option for that.

From here we can say that our future is in danger because according to many movies like terminator. Smart Machines will take over our future and rule over us by extinct us from the earth.

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Why extinction will happen?

We humans kill everything which comes in our way or anything from which we fear. AI has their own brain and sense of understanding and we know at the end of 2040 AI will become smarter than humans. So, we can assume that AI will execute a plan to kill all humans to save the earth from dying.

Disadvantages of AI for Humankind:-

  1. As seen partially with smartphones and other technology already, humans can become too dependent on AI and lose their mental capacities.
  2. AI as robots can super-cede humans, enslaving us
  3. Machines can easily lead to destruction, if put in the wrong hands. That is, at least a fear of many humans.


Humans come top in food chain not just because we are humans but because we are smart.

According to all the movies about extinction of human kind due to technology, created a fear in our mind and that is the biggest reason why we started giving safety measures towards AI.

We know AI have capabilities to become more smart than humans, if it is happened than AI will become the powerful and knowledgeable creature of the Earth.

Example:- Every AI robot have to be a remote destruction, So we can destroy it whenever we feel danger and we don’t have to give him all the details of his body parts for more safety.

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Our future is in danger and we know that but still we are doing nothing. I know one person can’t change the world but everyone can, So why don’t we do that. Because we are addicted to technology and ignore their consequences. If something will happen then the government or product owners are responsible. Our fight is not just with the AI or Robots our Fight is also with the pollution, crude oil, deforestation etc. To safe the future we all have to work together. Here ‘ALL’ means all countries not just make your own country better help others also.


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