Humans Are Not Alone aren’t as Bad as You Think

humans are not alone

Humans are not alone

(Humans Are Not Alone) Since the early days of humanity, people are fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and the possibility of life on other planets. Space opera movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Avatar are immensely popular. Early this year NASA announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a star in the constellation of Aquarius. These worlds are possibly warm enough for water sustaining life. Now the worldwide Glocalities survey reveals that the majority of people around the world believe in the existence of life on other planets.

Why Humans are not Alone

Today, scientists know that there are millions, perhaps billions of planets in the universe that could sustain life. If you know that our planet as no life, micro-organism, bacteria, water, and atmosphere at all. It was just a planet like any other unhabitable planet but one day one planet or asteroid just goes near to earth by touching it. And give chemicals compounds of hydrogen, methane, and some other chemical. Through which our planet makes their own atmosphere and then water and that’s how life comes to our planet. So just think the planet who gives us those chemicals compounds to our earth. Also, they have the same compounds which also make life possible on that mysterious planet.

Proof of Existence life in our own universe

On Saturn’s largest moon, The Cassini spacecraft’s numerous gravity measurements of Titan revealed that the moon is hiding an underground ocean of liquid water. The European Space Agency’s Huygens probe also measured radio signals during its descent to the surface. In 2005, that strongly suggested the presence of an ocean 35 to 50 miles below the icy ground. The discovery of a global ocean of liquid water adds Titan to the handful of worlds in our solar system. That could potentially contain habitable environments. Additionally, Titan’s rivers, lakes, and seas of liquid methane and ethane might serve as a habitable environment on the moon’s surface. Though any life there would likely be very different from Earth’s life. Thus, Titan could potentially harbor environments with conditions suitable for life. Meaning both lives as we know it and life as we don’t know it (in the hydrocarbon liquid on the surface). Although there is so far no evidence of life on Titan, due to our current status in technology.

Why the existence of an alien is not as bad as you think?

Anyone who is touched with the technology has known about aliens and know that aliens can harm us. But it was just our assumption that they can harm us because if aliens have the technology greater than us. And if they are bad then they already had attacked us. So can we assume that they are friendly or that they don,t have the technology. whatever the reason is but you have to know that there are some powers. Who are above us all and they never can happen this to us. Because of time, limits, and rules all beings are bound and no one can break those rules. If any day this happens so our planet earth history already has proof that what happens to them. So, no needs to worry about it’s your life no one can do anything wrong to you without the permission of almighty.




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